Be Connected!

The Prolific PL2303 USB to RS-232 Serial Driver for Apple Mac OS X driver project enables interaction between your mac and serial USB interfaces from major manufacturers using the PL2303 chip like Samsung, Prolific and Siemens.


  • Unix file-descriptor access
  • Baudrates 300, ... ,230400
  • Databytes 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Stopbits (1, 2)
  • Parity check (none, odd, even)
  • Manual and hardware handshake signal control
  • Sending break signals (for Cisco routers)

Install Driver

Installation is easy: Run the installer, reboot is not required. Deinstall functionality is also provided by the installer. To deinstall an old version of the driver, execute the following steps in a terminal:

  • cd /System/Library/Extensions
  • ls | grep 2303
  • Read the name of the kext
  • sudo kextunload ./<name>.kext
  • sudo rm -rf <name>.kext
  • Done!

Buy Cable

A supported USB to Serial dongle for Apple can be bought at: Geek stuff:

Open source

The source code of the PL2303 driver is available under GPL 2 license and can be downloaded at:


  • Jeroen Arnoldus
Additional contributors
  • Michael Haller
  • Maarten Pepping
  • Bryan Berg


The driver supports devices of I-O Data Device, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Anchor Chips, Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Elecom Co., RATOC System, Y.C. Cable U.S.A., Prolific Technology, Susteen, Syntech Information Co., Happ Controls, Palm, Mobile Action Technology, Siemens AG, ICP-DAS, Radio Shack, ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM, Tripp-Lite, and Sitecom

Is your PL2303-based device missing? Drop an e-mail!